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Ninja Kids Camp Dates 2018


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Photo by Bec Parsons/DigitalVision / Getty Images


Does your child need a few extra ninja-like friends to share being a super hero ninja with?  Well, you found the right place!  We have it all!  Lots of fun and run and extensive tuning of gymnastic ninja skills!  From gazillions of crazy fun athletic games, zip lining, rock climbing, sword fighting (the safe kind), ninja rope swinging skills and games, and a terrific close family atmosphere with one on one attention.  The best place for your child to make friends and have fun.  Ages 4-14.  Our campers come back over and over again!

We visit AZ on the Rocks - Learning skills to become agile ninja climbers!

comfortable place to be

A comfortable place for everyone!

Samurai sword fighting camp game

"Bushido!" - Samurai sword fighting game at it's best.


Swinging off Ninja Tower on rope swing - practicing stealth landings across the shark infested waters!
 The Ninja Tower is one of the very favorite of campers with dozens of rope and zip line games.


Reloading for....

...the Firing Squad Game!  Having tons of fun at the same time as actually practicing the real martial arts skill of blocking correctly.


An extra fun day getting to throw ninja stars!

ninja camp fightng skills

Polishing those Ninja Fighting Skills.


FACE OFF:  Camp counselor and seasoned camper challenge! - Is it a draw?


Sword wielding Samurai Action


One of the most demanded activities - games in the dark with disco lights and music!
 Aren't ninjas supposed to be good at doing dodge ball in a disco?




We have so many different games that secretly teach valuable defense skills, escape skills, gymnastic skills, and exceed at building confidence, increasing coordination, courage, and cooperation - all in the guise of being just for fun.  Kids love it - and we do to!  Don't worry - they get enough time to rest too :)

Naming just a few of our games - Shipwreck, and Shipwreck Hunger Games, Zombie Island, Survive, Hulk Smash, Escape, War and Pillows, Kamakazi, Sumo, Ninja Wall, Lava Swing, Chicken Run, Sword Cuts, Bang, Mount Everest, Star Wars, Haunted Bridge, Ninja Obstacle Course, Jedi Balls, Firing Squad, Kick the Kangaroo, Bushido, Nerves of Steel, Attack the Fort, Ice Bridge, Capture the Spear, Run, Ninja Stars, Boundaries, Train Wreck, Kidnap, and much more...!

Master Maui Saito

The Great and Beloved mastermind of all the funnest ninja skill games the kids love, and their fearless leader - Master Maui Saito - affectionately called simply "Master Maui!"


Master Maui and our Camp Counselor, Thierry Brotherton, aboard - when she was younger.


Sensei Daron Brotherton - Always the best fun and an exceptionally talented black belt. He sometimes gets the chance to be at the camp, and all the kids love his wonderful loud Australian personality and antics!


It's going to be an absolutely GREAT Camp! It always is - We look forward to seeing you there!